The BIG Build DAY 8 & 9

Day 8.
Made a start laying slabs to the rear, it was a bit mad as workers kept coming in & out through the back door so had to keep stopping.

The wrong sand had been ordered so gave us a bit of a problem but soon got it sorted. The granite worktops arrived for the kitchen and looks amazing. It still feels like lots to do but we will do it in time for the reveal.


Day 9
The last day of the build now, the inside of the house just needs a few areas finishing off, still looks like lots to do now, bathroom needs finishing, living room needs the painting finished, cupboards still being built for the bedrooms.

Got the patio finished and the landscapers doing the boarders. The artificial grass has arrived but not enough sand to lay it on. All feels a bit stressful but with a great bunch of guys and determination we managed to get it all done. Some of the guys actually stayed until past midnight to get the finer details completed so hats off to them.

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